Hashisho Agricultural Center       HAC

About Us

we at HAC are one of the most prominent suppliers and importers of agricultural products in the republic of lebanon.

the reason for that has been our emphasis on quality with prompt delevery.

our ptoducts are made of the best raw materials.these products promise superiore quality productivity and effeciency.

these agrochemicels are considered one of the finest products available in the market.

we are on good terms with all our suppliers with the only objective of satisfying our customers.

we are devoted towards supplying chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizers, seeds, polyethylene covers,potting soil, herbicides, insecticides, funguicides, pheromones, soil sterelizers, and irrigation system.

with all these machless features we are amongst the leading Agro Chemical  importers and suppliers in Lebanon.

Houssein Hashishou Est.

Maarouf Saad Street.

Cell: +961-3-299853

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